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Endorsements to fly at Spion Kop Hang Gliding and Paragliding Site

To fly from Spion Kop (“Spion”) you will need to:

  1. read the VHPA Site Guide;

  2. read the Induction Brochure below; and

  3. be endorsed to fly at Spion.

VHPA Site Guide

The VHPA Site Guide is here. Note that there are site rules in the VHPA Site Guide that are not listed within the Induction Brochure below. You will need to ensure that you are familiar with, and comply with, all of the site rules.

Induction Brochure

In 2005, Spion was closed to hang gliding and paragliding operations. It was only due to the tireless efforts of many pilots, and the co-operation of Energy Safe Victoria, that permission was eventually obtained for the resumption of flying activities from Spion by EXEMPTED PILOTS ONLY.

Who is an exempted pilot?

An exempted pilot is;

  1. A PG2 or HG2 pilot who:
    a. is a current financial member of SAFA;
    b. has been endorsed to fly from Spion; and
    c. is flying under the direct onsite supervision of a certified instructor, a safety officer or a duty pilot.

  2. A PG3, PG4, PG5, HG4 or HG5 pilot who:
    a. is a current financial member of SAFA; and
    b. has been endorsed to fly from Spion.

  3. Tandem pilots must comply with the Dynasoarers Tandem Operations document. They cannot hand over controls to the student within 90 meters of powerlines. (Note: Sports tandems cannot hand over controls at any time.)

PG1 and HG1 pilots are not permitted to fly from Spion.

How can I be endorsed?

To complete the endorsement you must:

  1. Agree to abide by the site rules set out in this Induction Brochure. If there is anything that you do not understand, ask!

  2. Be inducted at the site by a pilot authorised to provide inductions by the Dynasoarers. Note that:
    a. you should be prepared to demonstrate your understanding of the site rules set out in this Induction Brochure and in the VHPA Site Guide; and
    b. on any given flyable day, there is most likely going to be a pilot on site who is authorised to induct you. However, if you wish to confirm a date and time, please contact the Dynasoarers by email to

  3. Have your full name and SAFA number entered into the Dynasoarers’ Endorsed Pilots register. The pilot inducting you will arrange for this to occur, but it is your responsibility to provide them with your full name and SAFA number.

What are the Site Rules?

You should note that any breach of the site rules listed below could result in bans from flying the site, pilot licence suspensions, and/or SAFA disciplinary action.

It is also possible that Energy Safe Victoria will elect to prosecute any infringements and revoke its consent to our flying operations. Do not be the one responsible for losing this site!


1. Set up or pack up within the designated set up area

You may only set up or pack up your hang glider or paraglider within the designated set up area.

The designated set up area will be pointed out to you during the induction.


2. Launch within the designated launch area

You may only launch (or inflate paragliders) within the designated launch area, and not on any other part of the Spion ridge, including any Crown or private lands.

The designated launch area will be pointed out to you when you are inducted.

3. Only launch if you have a functioning altimeter

If you do not have a serviceable altimeter you cannot fly from Spion. Note that most varios have a built in altimeter.

4. Paraglider pilots must not use more than 1 anchor person

Paraglider pilots may launch unassisted or with no more than 1 anchor person.


5. You must fly at least 45 metres from any power lines

You must not fly within 45 metres of any power line. The inherent dangers are obvious, but in addition Energy Safe Victoria is particularly likely to prosecute any incident involving their power lines.

The power lines will be pointed out to you during your induction.


6. Top landings are prohibited

You must not top land at the designated launch area or anywhere else on the Spion ridge, including Crown land or private land.

7. Landings on the beach in the creek estuary are prohibited

You must not land in the creek estuary located to the west of launch. The estuary is marked in red on the photograph below.

Map of Moggs Creek with marked no landing area.